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Freestanding cast iron tubs become the centerpiece of any bathroom. Their luxurious look combined with a practical function has made this tub timeless and beautiful. With modern manufacturing, the freestanding cast iron tub is now a luxury that anyone can afford. With a wide selection of styles, sizes, and options, Tub King has highly trained specialists that are eager to help you choose a tub that will fit your bathroom and your style. Please feel free to give us a call if you have any questions. (800) 409-3375 or (800) 843-4231.





5 year warranty on manufacturing and mechanical defects from the date of purchase provided that purchase is installed by a licensed plumber.

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    Tub King carries a variety of Bathtub Styles:

    Classic Traditional Rolltop Tub - This freestanding cast iron tub is designed with a squared front end for the faucet and drain, and rounded back. This is the original classic tub.

    Dual Ended Tub - This freestanding cast iron tub has two rounded ends with the faucet in the middle. With a dual ended tub, you have the flexibility of relaxing and bathing at either end.

    Slipper Tub - This freestanding cast iron tub has a rounded front end and a high back with dramatic sloping sides for a more comfortable lounging position. This is our most popular design of freestanding tub.

    Clawfoot Tub - This style of freestanding cast iron tub stands on 4 feet of various designs. It was considered a luxury item in the late 19th century. New reproduction clawfoot tubs are chosen by anyone who wants to enjoy the vintage luxurious style of the 19th century.

    Pedestal Tub - This style of freestanding cast iron tub does not have claw feet at all. Considered to be more of a "modern" look, this tub rests on a wonderfully sculpted matching cast iron base.


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