Grizzly Grip

Grizzly Grip
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Grizzly grip is used for many surfaces including Truck bed liners, boat decks, horse and vehicle trailers, commercial walkways and stairs, roofs of all types including RV campers, around pool decks and much more. We carry two different non slip coatings, one is an AROMATIC urethane that is very flexible and can take a great beating, and we suggest using this product when a lot of wear and tear is going to be used or if used indoors. Our other non slip coating is a ALIPHATIC urethane, this urethane has good flexibility (not as flexible as the aromatic) and is HIGHLY recommended for outdoor usage, our ALIPHATIC urethane will not fade or yellow so it will stay attractive looking for years and provide you with a great non-slip surface.

The AROMATIC urethanes are more of a rubberized material but will fade over a period of time. You can use our WATERBASE or SOLVENT base sealers to bring back the original look of our aromatic urethanes by applying on a thin coat with a brush. Most truck bed liners are used with the AROMATIC grizzly grip while boat decks, pool decks and outdoor concrete industries will use the ALIPHATIC urethanes. The coating comes in 24 decorative colors and is available with a fine or coarse texture.

Grizzly Grip coarse texture is perfect for truck bed liners. Grizzly Grip can also be used for non-slip areas such as garage floors, decks, cement, wood and even glass surfaces, such as ceramic tile floors. However, when doing ceramic tile, you must prime with our XL aerospace primer first. The possibilities are endless on what you can coat with Grizzly Grip. You can currently find it used in major industries, such as commercial, automotive and marine.

Grizzly Grip is a very durable product that will last for years. Truck bed liners can be coated for approximately $375.00 to $500.00 per truck. Why pay someone that large amount of money, when you can achieve the same durability for a cost of about $75.00 to $95.00 per truck bed liner and have a great selection of colors to choose from.

A lot of people are actually using the potential of Grizzly Grip and starting their own truck bed liner refinishing business and are also branching out to refinish areas where non-skid or protective coatings are needed. The financial potentials are endless.



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