The average home owner's first thought when you mention the term remodeling their kitchen and bath is a literal demolition of the room; forcing the family to relocate to a motel. Kitchens and bathrooms are usually the rooms which have the hardest surfaces so therefore these are the areas in which the largest challenges and expenses can potentially occur.

Complete or Conventional Remodeling involves a messy tear out of not only the fixtures but also removal of the beams, walls, and floors before you can begin rebuilding the rooms.

There are many benefits to this approach, but because of the literal gutting of the rooms you now have daily lack of privacy, the inconvenience of perhaps staying elsewhere during the remodel, and what can turn out to be exorbitant costs, this is not a viable option for most of us.

There is, however, an affordable way to renew your bathrooms and kitchens without all the high cost and inconveniences of conventional remodeling. The industry is refinishing, resurfacing or reglazing. The concept and methods have been around for about 50 years but has not become known in the mainstream remodeler and/or renovation market.

Tub King’s well-trained technicians can help you see savings of up to 70% over the cost of total renovation; all while utilizing modern refinishing techniques and the best materials. Savings this huge can be invested elsewhere in your overall household remodeling plan thereby allowing you to upgrade in other areas.

Stained, chipped, and hard to clean surfaces are unhealthy and unsightly. It can create a negative impression to your guests, customers, or clients. By choosing to have surfaces refinished will bring those areas back to life by giving the old fixtures a smooth glossy or satin finish in a matter of hours. This non porous finish meets, and in some cases exceeds, manufacturer's specifications for stain and acid resistance. By applying the latest in chemical coating technology, Tub King can restore bathtubs, sinks, shower surrounds, countertops and more to new life by applying a new surface.

Bathtub and counter top refinishing is the most cost effective way to remodel your kitchen and bathrooms. Don’t suffer the inconvenience, cost, and frustration of kitchen and bathroom demolition, call Tub King now! We are Jacksonville’s experts in surface refinishing.


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