Solid Surface Bathtubs



Tub King is proud to announce our newest line of freestanding tubs. After countless requests, we have found a way to provide newer contemporary / modern  tubs that we can stand behind proudly. 


Solid Surface freestanding bathtubs are fabricated from a material referred to as solid surface. Solid surface is comprised of a man-made stone (corian). The product is a non-porous material which is low-maintenance and can often be seen used in the production of countertops. In using this type of solid surface material, manufacturers are able to acheive the shapes and styles which were originally solely attainable by using acrylic or alternative plastics. The problem was plastic tubs, however, is that they do not retain heat, they also bow & flex, and sometimes even crack over time. With these new solid surface stone tubs we are provided with a similar long soaking bathing experience like that of their cast iron ancestors while having the styles of a more modern era.





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